15,000 icons in 6 distinct styles
Versatility icon


15,000 icons, 6 distinct styles & 50 categories covering every eventuality.

Uniform style icon


Each & every icon is crafted by a single designer to ensure consistency.

Perfection icon


Supplied as scalable vectors for sharp icons no matter how big you need them.

Mobile friendly icon

ios & android

Strictly adhering to iOS & Android specs so you can focus on developing apps.


With six versatile icon styles to choose from you can be sure there is one to match your requirements.

Whether it's simple glyphs for interfaces, something distinctive for web or more colourful for print, it's all here in the Pixellove icon pack.

Line Solid Monotone Duotone Softline Hardline
15,000 icons in 6 distinct styles

The Pixellove icon set is perfectly aligned with the default iOS style. It is currently my favorite to use because of its clean look and elegant proportions.

Meng To



Designed on grids our icons are guaranteed to be pixel perfect with razor sharp detail.

We pay special attention to maintain uniform proportions across the icon range to ensure they all work as a coherent family.

Pixellove perfection


From freelancers and hobbyists to small businesses and corporations.


Speed up your workflow, whether it's for presentations or developing apps, we provide filetypes to suit your needs.

Editable vector source files give you the ability to stretch your creative muscle while our individual icon files are perfect for dragging and dropping into your projects.


Really love the Pixellove icon set! Their icons have a unity in their style and visual beauty that no other line icon set has.

Sergie Magdalin


Mobile friendly icon


We meticulously group each icon on separately named layers for ease of use.

Uniform style icon


Easily adjust the thickness of strokes to match your brand or style.

Versatility icon


Our colour swatches makes universal colour changes a piece of cake.

Perfection icon


Our vector source files include named slices to make exporting a doddle.

mobile & interface.

Pixellove's icons are designed to provide clear messaging for use in mobile and interface applications for a better user experience.

Our line and solid icon styles are supplied in extra pixel perfect sizes specifically for iOS & Android development.


Grab your visitors attention and elevate your designs with professional icons developed to clearly signpost your information.

Use our svg's to easily add icons to your website with fast and simple adjustment using CSS for crisp results at tiny file sizes.


Pssst, did you know we also design custom-made icons?

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for then why not drop us an email with a short description of your requirements for a free no-obligation quote.

These icons rock! We love that they're flexible enough for everything from interfaces to programmatic advertising subjects in our presentations.

Mike Gong