solid icons.

2500 pixel perfect line icons for iOS, Android, web, illustration and print. Designed on pixel grids and supplied as 32px, 64px, 96px & 128px sizes. Available in Ai, Eps, Sketch, Svg, Pdf and Png file formats ready to drag and drop into your workflow.


58 general solid icons.

General, Generic, Undefined, Broad, All-purpose, Varied...

Paperclip icon
Attachment icon
Support icon
Cog icon
Settings icon
Cut here icon
Bookmark page icon
Audience icon
Xbox controller icon
Home icon
Gecko footprint icon
Fire extinguisher icon to download
Igloo icon
Reserved table icon
Jigsaw piece icon
Playstation controller icon
Grain sack icon
Education icon
Alert icon
Information icon
Female symbol icon
Male symbol icon
Intercourse icon
Gender fluid icon
Medication icon
Medical icon
Flow diagram icon
Mind map icon
Heart monitor icon
Heart rate icon
Lightbulb icon
Lightbulb icon
Idea lightbulb icon
Gameboy advance icon
Child cutlery icon
Airport arrivals icon
Airport departures icon
Diamond icon
Dog paw icon
Gameboy icon
Infinity loop icon
Alarm bell icon
Alarm bell off icon
Pushchair icon
Oil funnel icon
Crosshairs icon
Target icon
RSS icon
Cutting template icon
Hierarchy icon
Flag icon
Triangular flag icon
Swallowtail flag icon
Flag icon
Triangular flag icon
Swallowtail flag icon
Joystick icon
Games iOS icon


57 directional solid icons.

Arrow, Direction, Marker, Signpost, Pointer, Target...

Two way horizontal arrows icon
Two way vertical arrows icon
Undo arrow icon
Redo arrow icon
Reverse back arrow icon
Reverse forward arrow icon
Loop arrow icon
Reset arrow icon
Sync arrow icon
Shuffle arrow icon
Repeat arrow icon
4-way arrow icon
Pinpoint arrow icon
Starting position arrow icon
Pinpoint arrow icon
Starting position arrow icon
Up arrow icon
Two way horizontal arrow icon
Diagonal arrow icon
Two way diagonal arrows icon
Arrow left icon
Two way vertical arrow icon
Rotate arrow icon
Rotate arrow icon
Corner bend arrow icon
Loop arrow icon
Wiggle arrow icon
Diverge arrow icon
Converge arrow icon
Spiral arrow icon
Diverge up and right arrow icon
Converge arrow icon
Split arrows icon
Converge arrow icon
Diverge arrow icon
Parallel converge arrows icon
Staggered arrows icon
Staggered arrows icon
Staggered diagonal arrows icon
Head to head arrows icon
Head to head arrows icon
Roundabout first exit arrow icon
Roundabout second exit arrow icon
Roundabout third exit arrow icon
Roundabout fourth exit arrow icon
Upload arrow icon
Download arrow icon
Increase arrow icon
Elliptical angled arrow icon
Arrow ellipse icon
Rotate arrow icon
Angled ellipse arrow icon
Ellipse arrow icon
Axis rotation arrows icon
Axis rotation arrows icon
Axis rotation arrows icon
Axis rotation arrows icon


50 branding solid icons.

Brand, Logos, Trademark, Identity, Emblem, Marketing...

Google+ logo icon
Twitter logo icon
Facebook logo icon
Pinterest logo icon
YouTube logo icon
Dribbble logo icon
LinkedIn logo icon
Reddit logo icon
WordPress logo icon
Bebo logo icon
Instagram logo icon
Vimeo logo icon
LastFM logo icon
Blogger logo icon
Skype logo icon
MySpace logo icon
Flickr logo icon
Picasa logo icon
Evernote logo icon
Email logo icon
Behance logo icon
Tumblr logo icon
Forrst logo icon
Vine logo icon
RSS logo icon
Stumbleupon logo icon
Digg logo icon
Github logo icon
Delicious logo icon
Foursquare logo icon
Deviant Art logo icon
ShareThis logo icon
Yelp logo icon
Spotify logo icon
Deezer logo icon
Paypal logo icon
Apple logo icon
Android logo icon
Windows logo icon
Blackberry logo icon
Snapchat logo icon
Slack logo icon
Yahoo logo icon
VK logo icon
Quora logo icon
Amazon logo icon
Whatsapp logo icon
AOL logo icon
Google logo icon
HTML5 logo icon


74 celebration solid icons.

Celebrate, Party, Merrymaking, Christmas, Easter, Birthday...


60 alphanumeric solid icons.

Character, Lettering, Number, Symbol, Typography, Font...


40 conversation solid icons.

Chat, Talk, Communication, Dialog, Speech, Discussion...


58 hygiene solid icons.

Cleaning, Hygiene, Scrubbing, Housework, Cleanliness, Housekeeping...


70 clothing solid icons.

Clothes, Fashion, Hipster, Vogue, Clothing, Outfit...


50 cloud computing solid icons.

Cloud, Computing, Networked, On-demand, Distributed, Data-center...


69 computing solid icons.

Computer, Workstation, Mac, Coding, Peripheral, Binary...


50 construction solid icons.

Construction, Build, Tools, Workmen, Tradesperson, Toolbox...


41 database solid icons.

Database, DB, Archive, Server, Spreadsheet, Table...


80 design solid icons.

Design, Tools, Instrument, Select, Draw, Paint...


30 document solid icons.

Document, Filing, Signature, Archive, Certificate, File...


40 beverage solid icons.

Drink, Beverage, Glass, Recepticle, Alcohol, Juice...


36 email solid icons.

Email, Communicate, Reply, Message, Electronic mail, Send...


60 emoticon solid icons.

Emoticons, Emote, Mood, Emotion, Expression, Feelings...


45 file extension solid icons.

File, Format, Application, Program, Suffix, File system...


40 file solid icons.

File, Document, Dossier, Organize, Record, Paper...


40 finance solid icons.

Finance, Economics, Investment, Currency, Cash, Banking...


40 exercise solid icons.

Fitness, Exercise, Strength, Workout, Health, Sport...


42 computing solid icons.

Folder, Directory, Dossier, Binder, Filing, Organize...


58 food solid icons.

Food, Cuisine, Restaurant, Menu, Nutrition, Diet...

Fruit & Veg

39 fruit and vegtable solid icons.

Fruit, Vegtable, Produce, Healthy, Agriculture, Farming...


26 halloween solid icons.

Halloween, Scary, Horror, Creepy, Party, Trick or Treat...


60 household solid icons.

Household, Furniture, Fixtures, Fittings, Furnishings, Home...


40 picture solid icons.

Image, Picture, Photo, Album, Photo manipulation, Visual...


80 interface solid icons.

Interface, UI, UX, Human-computer interaction, Hyperlink, WYSIWYG...


50 internet solid icons.

Internet, World Wide Web, Wifi, Signal, Cyberspace, Bandwidth...


50 kitchen solid icons.

Kitchen, Galley, Utensil, Appliance, Cooking, Catering...


40 layout solid icons.

Layout, Arrange, Distribute, Transform, Pathfinder, Anchor point...


62 location solid icons.

Location, Map, Search, Find, Pinpoint, Navigation...


80 film solid icons.

Movie, Film, Director, Production, Cinema, Theatre...


72 music solid icons.

Music, Tune, Instruments, Volume, Equalizer, Musical note...


33 people solid icons.

People, Career, Occupation, Job, Profession, Vocation...


50 photography solid icons.

Photograph, Camera, Framing, Lighting, Exposure, Film...


40 presentation solid icons.

Presentation, Lecture, Seminar, Graph, Chart, Projection screen...


37 security solid icons.

Security, Law, Lock, Shield, Protection, Enforcement...


29 shape solid icons.

Shape, Geometric, 3d, Structure, Model, Form...


43 shopping solid icons.

Shopping, Consumer, Price, Marketplace, Basket, Sale...


60 space exploration solid icons.

Space, Universe, Astonomy, Cosmos, Rocket, Sci-fi...


50 sporting solid icons.

Sport, Athletic, Games, Competition, Leisure, Team...


54 phone solid icons.

Mobile, Cell phone, Telephone, Android, iPhone, Touch screen...


60 time solid icons.

Time, Clock, Calendar, Schedule, Speed, Pace...


39 transport solid icons.

Transport, Shipping, Road, Vehicle, Engine, Dashboard...


60 typography solid icons.

Typography, Formatting, Typesetting, Text-align, Lettering, Typeface...


60 user solid icons.

User, Worker, Employee, Workforce, Labour, Personnel...


50 vehicle solid icons.

Vehicle, Car, Truck, Lorry, Automobile, Bike...


57 weather solid icons.

Weather, Meteorological, Sunny, Rain, Wind, Snow...